Bearing Capacity Testing, CSX Coal Pier – Baltimore, MD

Foundation Test Group, Inc. performed testing for bearing capacity of the soil that will be beneath a crane moving equipment at the CSX Coal Pier in Baltimore, MD. Checking the bearing capacity helps the contractor have important information to make sure they are using the correct crane mats to distribute the load of the crane and equipment, as to not cause failure in the soil.

The crane was to be temporarily placed atop a paved asphalt access road running between train tracks, so the asphalt access road had to be cored through in order to reach and test the soil. FTG cored through the asphalt, tested the soil with our WILDCAT Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP), and analyzed the data to promptly provide the contractor with the bearing capacity of the soil.

In the field, Team FTG worked alongside the contractor to organize and time testing in the interest of reducing any delays in the surrounding site work. FTG prides itself on our commitment to swift and accurate testing, detail orientation, and our ability to communicate effectively to bring about a successful project.

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