Choosing the Right Load Test for Your Project

Choosing the right load test for your project requires a clear understanding of all stakeholder needs, a tailored engineering experience designed for meeting project goals, understanding the environment which it is being performed and an inherent, competent engineering knowledge applied for best value consideration. Remember– not all load test designs can meet desired outcomes!

Think about it on a bridge or tall building: specifying a bi-directional load test will not yield its full engineering value if the lateral capacity of the foundation controls overall design.  For example, our team was sub-contracted to conduct a specified compression load test which performed to achieve a Factor of Safety of over 10, only to find that drilled shaft lengths could not be shortened due to concerns about lateral capacity and point of fixity determination.  Simultaneously, there was no desire by the project design team to perform a lateral load test to resolve this issue, noting, “ because the project was too far along". If there is no desire to utilize load test data to value engineer, confirm or verify a design, then why specify, or utilize the most expensive test methodology?

Foundation Test Group, Inc. has extensive experience in all types of load tests: reaction frame with tie downs, kentledge, bi-directional, Statnamic and dynamic (Apple). None of these tests are universally applicable, or perfect, for every project, so again, it is important to know what the goals of testing are to deliver a quality project.

Now, consider whether a rock socket capacity is desired. An embedded jack may be the way to go. Trying to prove a construction technique in soil or disintegrated rock? Maybe consider a Statnamic test.  How about a simple proof test on a drilled shaft? Maybe a dynamic or reaction frame test will be appropriate! Call, we can help you!

FTG’s engineers are challenged to focus an efficient and effective response to design by applying sustainable and cost-effective applications. Bringing value through well-defined and specified goals that are also cost effective will align the project performance criteria accordingly. Our team has decades of experience in every aspect of design, application, implementation, and specification for all test methodologies, but one of our greatest strengths is utilizing the data to shape lean and safe solutions for all your project needs!

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