Dynamic Testing and Analysis

For a driven pile project, FTG can provide pre-installation WEAP analysis, PDA and CAPWAP analysis on test and production piles and then full delineation of driving criteria for remaining piles based on the PDA and CAPWAP results and analysis of pile freeze or relaxation effects.

The high strain dynamic testing utilizes a heavy impact or pile driving hammer, a pair of strain transducers and accelerometers attached to the pile shaft. These sensors are connected to the Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) which records, processes and displays the data and results upon the impact of the hammer onto the pile. The driving can then be compared to an initial WEAP (Wave Equation Analysis Program) analysis to determine driving criteria. A further analysis using the CAPWAP (Case Pile Wave Analysis Program) is done on an individual record with the data obtained after the test is completed, to verify the integrity and the bearing and side shear capacity of the pile.

Dynamic Pile Load Testing (ASTM D4945 High Strain Dynamic Load Testing) is performed as a reliable method of load testing driven deep foundations to obtain information about their capacity, driving criteria and integrity.

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Dynamic Testing and Analysis in the Field

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