What is Crosshole Sonic Logging

...and why is it necessary?

Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) testing is the most accurate and reliable technique for accessing the integrity of deep foundation elements constructed on-site from concrete or grout. It is normally applied as a quality assurance (QA) technique for newly placed drilled shafts and auger cast piles, but can also be applied to slurry walls, mat foundations, and mass concrete pours. FTG does more than just noting the presence of an anomaly or defect, we seek to determine how it occurred, how to prevent its reoccurrence and how to solve the foundation issues caused by its creation.

Is Crosshole Sonic Logging testing required?

  • CSL testing provides assurance that the foundation concrete is sound with no defects such as soil intrusions, necking, sand lenses, voids, etc. The extent, nature, depth, and approximate lateral location of a defect(s) can be determined with the CSL method. This type of testing is typically specified on transportation and heavy civil construction projects, high-rise buildings and more.

Is Crosshole Sonic Logging testing more relevant than others?

  • CSL testing is, in our opinion, the most relevant deep foundation integrity test method due to the repeatability of the method.

Is Crosshole Sonic Logging testing time consuming?

  • Multiple shafts can be CSL tested in a single day, making the test affordable.

Is Crosshole Sonic Logging testing expensive?

  • CSL testing provides a proven inexpensive method to insure that deep foundations have been properly constructed.

What experience does FTG have with Crosshole Sonic Logging testing?

  • Jeff Goodwin, FTG's Chief Engineer, is an expert in CSL testing and has done multiple presentations for ADSC, DFI and ASCE on the topic. We perform a large amount of tests (typically 500 - 1,000+) per year in states such as - Maryland, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, etc.
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