Lateral Load Testing at National Harbor Safety Pier – Fort Washington, MD

Over the Potomac River, floating docks and suspended jacking systems were used to carry out lateral load testing of driven pipe piles for a proposed Public Safety Pier at the nation's harbor. As an industry leader in deep foundation testing, FTG got the call to develop a load testing program for structural pile design confirmation within a difficult marine project setting.

In floating dock foundation designs, the key to a successful pile installation is confirmation of a driven pile tip embedded into a stiff soil stratum and steel pipe dimensions that can withstand lateral loads due to impact forces from fluctuating water tides, waves, harsh weather, marine vehicles, and other objects. In coordination with project owners, contractors, designers, and engineers, FTG was able to formulate and perform a variation of ASTM D3966 - 'Standard Test Methods for Deep Foundations Under Lateral Load' that satisfied the monitoring of the structural engineer's specified pile loading design of capacity versus deflection.

Utilizing a combination of monitoring devices simultaneously on each test pile and tailoring the engineering analysis to evaluate pile deflection and displacement, FTG delivered a successful load test program for Rich Moe Enterprises and the project team to use for installation of production piles.

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