Geotechnical Instrumentation

harry nice bridge

Harry Nice Bridge – Construction Phase in Newburg, MD

Geotechnical instrumentation monitoring has entered the Construction Phase at the Harry Nice Bridge project as pre-cast concrete pile driving is underway. A combination of 140+ instruments including seismographs, tilt sensors, strain gauges, and structural monitoring prisms with automated total stations are currently being utilized to monitor existing bridge performance. In Other FTG News Sailfish Bridge …

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MTA – SW204, Baltimore, Maryland

FTG installed two automated extensometers adjacent to Baltimore’s Light Rail tracks for monitoring during tunnel boring operations. Throughout the construction of the new stormwater culvert, extensometers will provide an early warning system for settlement of both the overburden soils and track foundation; thus allowing for real time adjustments to construction methodology toward less impact and …

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Drilled Shaft Inspections in Atlanta, Georgia

For the SD1975 Bridge Project over Lindbergh Drive in Atlanta, GA, Team FTG provided a range of specialty testing for Drilled Shaft inspection in construction of a new railroad bridge. For Deep Foundation Contractor Clearwater Construction of Mercer, Pennsylvania. From its deep foundation inspection arsenal, FTG utilized two downhole cameras to inspect and confirm the quality …

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